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Try it for yourself:By using our unique media player playing guitar is and will remain fun! Take a moment and try it yourself: start song, pause, loop, slow down, speed up, transpose, metronome, guitar neck, chords, tabs, instrument selection and much more. The ProTabs on our website are protected by copyright. Gitaartabs has permission to use FEMU.


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Clear site and very targeted for anyone who wants to play. The helpfulness you can ask for is also well answered. Well explained step by step what makes it great fun!



Great site, everything you need to learn to play guitar can be found here. Very good and clear. The lessons are easy to follow. For both beginners and experienced guitar players.


Super handy and makes learning new songs fun! Guitar Tabs is really a super useful platform to learn to play new songs. Due to the low threshold, it also ensures that practicing remains fun!


Beautiful and pleasant site! Guitar tabs are well put together. Clear site. Many music chords can be found and you can play along at your own pace via a media player. Recommended!




Guitar tabs, online for almost 25 years!

In my college days, I wanted to learn to play the guitar, just like you do now. I just didn't have the money to hire a guitar teacher and take lessons. I did have the knowledge and the time to convert sheet music that I had from my previous piano lessons into tablature. I have published this online since 1998! I found that so handy, learning to play online and not lugging books around, that I decided to share everything. That's how Gitaartabs came into being 🤩

My dream to set up a platform where everyone can learn to play guitar has worked out well. In the meantime I have recorded a lot of video lessons together with professional guitar teachers and famous guitarists. New professional tabs, lessons, challenges and blogs are posted every week.I am also very proud of the guitar book that I wrote with Levi Akkerman.

With over 50,000 visitors per month, I can rightly say that we are one of the largest guitar-related websites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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You don't have to be able to read notes and sheet music to play nice songs on the guitar. On you will find an extensive range of guitar chords and guitar tabs. You can easily search our database with all guitar songs for your favorite artists and songs.


You can also view our curated lists of the most popular songs, exclusive easy guitar songs or campfire songs for guitar. On our website you will find overviews of all guitar songs written in guitar chords, songs in the music script gitaartabs or search our complete range.

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Music rights?

Gitaartabs transfers music rights through FEMU for the publication of our sheet music, guitar music, song and lyrics. FEMU represents many publishers. Don't worry, it's completely legal to listen, print and play songs online for your own use.

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Would you like to learn to play the guitar? Even then with you at in the right place! We are also an online platform for guitar lessons. For both beginners and advanced learners, our experienced teachers provide simple video lessons and written online instructions. In no time you can play along with your favorite songs with the help of our fun guitar lessons!


The lessons come with streaming guidance that you can play, pause, loop, transpose and slow down live. It is also possible to display the guitar neck, piano keys and waveform, but there are many more cool features 🎸

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