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ProTab: Herman Brood - Saturday Night

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Herman Brood - Saturday Night
The neon light, of the "Open all night",
 Was just in time replaced by 
 The magic appearance of a new day-while
 A melancholic Reno was crawling on his back
 Just in front of the supermarket door-way, child

 Hey girl, on a cold summernight
 As we stood on the corner,
 As a man passed by and asked us
 What we were doing, what we need
 As he pointed his big fat finger
 To the people hang
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in’ round at the corner
 Of the - other side of street
 Oh well

 Doin' nothing, just hanging around
 What do you mean doin' nothing, Sir
 So we had to hit him to the ground
 Doin' nothing just hanging around
 His head all busted 
 Lookin' just a little too wise child

 I just can't wait
 I just can't wait for saturday night
 For saturday night
 For saturday night
 Saturday night

 Saturday night
 Saturday night
 Saturday night

 I just can't wait
 I just can't wait

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