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(Original Key: G)


Em  D  C (x6)

Verse 1:

      Em                     Am
I was walkin' down the street
       Em                       Am
Concen-tratin' on truckin' right
          Em                     Am
I heard a dark voice beside of me
             Em                        Am
And I looked round in a state of fright

Bridge 1:

I saw four faces one mad
A brother from the gutter
They looked me up and down a bit
    Am             Em    D  C
And turned to each other
 I say

Chorus 1:

             Em      D  C
I don't like cricket oh no
  Am     Bm  C
I love it
             Em      D  C
I don't like cricket oh no
  Am     Bm  C
I love it


Don't you walk thru my words
You got to show some respect
Don't you walk thru my words
                          D   C   Em  D  C, Em  D  C
'Cause you ain't heard me out yet

Verse 2:

               Em                      Am
Well he looked down at my silver chain
             Em                  Am
He sai
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Freekkiemonster 2013-03-12

Wat is dit voor lied ?


Zk1mike 2008-07-29

wat is het slagje?

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