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(Em) Your cruel,(C) device,(G) Your blood,(D) like ice
(Am) One look,(F) could kill,(C) my pain,(E) your thrill
(Am)I wanna (F)love you but I (C)better not (G)touch
(Dm)I wanna hold you but my (F)senses (C)tell me to (Bm)stop
I wanna (G)kiss you but I (D)want it too (A)much
(Em)I wanna (C)taste you but your (G)lips are (D)venomous (Em)poison(C)(G)(D)
You're (Em)poison (C)running (G)through my (D)veins you're (Em)poison(C)(G)(D)     
(Em)I don't (C)wanna (G)break these (D)chains

(Em) Your mouth,(C) so hot,(G) your web,(D) I'm caught
(Am) Your skin,(F) so wet,(C) Black lace(E) on sweat

(Am)I hear you (F)calling and it's (C)needles and (G)pins 
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