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Let op! capo op 2

E/G# = 402450

E     B     E     B

  Well, now many days could
B                                      E
It take your life to finally start now
Before you get the sign to go
Well, get up on your feet

And just work the plough
You will always regret 

if you don’t do it now
Maybe you can do something
You didn’t even know

          A            B          C#m
So don’t wait for the world, love
              G#m       Asus2
To be pushing down now
                     B           A
You know that this chance it may
      Asus2    A
Just slip away
                    B          C#m
Don’t wait for the world, love
Cause they’ve got their feet up
      A    E/G#     F#m        E        B
Don’t ever let them take your words to say
           F#m         E/G#    A   B   E     B     E     B
No, don’t leave it to another day

  And if just wait
For somebody who will come 
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Comments Bertolf - Another Day - chords

Peter Postduif

Peter Postduif 2009-06-23

Weet iemand hier de slag van??

XD me