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(Em)Up on the white veranda
(C)She wears a necktie and a (G)Panama hat.
(Em)Her passport shows a face
From (C)another time and place
She looks (G)nothin' like that.
(Bm)And all the remnants of her (C)re(D)cent (C)past
(C/B)Are (G)scattered in the wild wind
She (Bm)walks across the marble floor
Where a (C)voice (D)from the (C)gambling (C/B)room
is (G)callin' her to come on in.
She (Bm)smiles, walks the other (Am)way
As the (C)last (C/B)ship (Am)sails and the (G)moon fades (D)away
From (C)Black (C/B)Dia(Am)mond (G)Bay.

(Em)As the mornin' light breaks open, the (C)Greek comes down
and he asks for a rope and a (G)pen that will write.
(Em)Pardon, monsieur," the desk clerk says,
Care(C)fully removes his fez,
Am I (G)hearin' you right?
(Bm)And as the yellow fog is liftin'
The (C)Greek (D)is (C)quick(C/B)ly (G)headin for the second floor.
She (Bm)passes him on the spiral staircase
(C)Thin(D)kin' (C)he's (G)the Soviet Ambassador,
She (Bm)starts to speak, but he walks a(Am)way
As the (C)storm (C/B)clouds (Am)rise and the (G)palm branches (D)sway
On (C)Black (C/B)Dia(Am)mond (G)Bay.

(Em)A soldier sits beneath the fan
Doin (C)business with a tiny man who (G)sells him a ring.
(Em)Lightning strikes, the lights blow out.
The (C)desk clerk wakes and begins to shout,
(G)Can you see anything?"
(Bm)Then the Greek appears on 
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