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(A)I married (G)Isis on the (D)fifth day of (A)May    
But I could not (G)hold on (D)to her very (A)long
So I cut off my (G)hair and I (D)rode straight (A)away
For the wild unknown (G)country where I (D)could not go (A)wrong.

I came to a (G)high place of (D)darkness and (A)light
The dividing line (G)ran through the (D)center of (A)town
I hitched up my (G)pony to (D)a post on the (A)right
Went in to a (G)laundry to (D)wash my clothes (A)down.

A man in the (G)corner ap(D)proached me for a (A)match
I knew right (G)away he was (D)not ordi(A)nary
He said Are you (G)looking for something (D)easy to (A)catch ?
I said I got no (G)money. He said(D)That ain't neces(A)sary.

We set out that (G)night for the (D)cold in the (A)North
I gave him my (G)blanket he (D)gave me his (A)word
I said Where are we (G)going ? He said We'd (D)be back by the (A)fourth
I said That's the (G)best news that I've (D)ever (A)heard.

I was thinking about (G)turquoise I was (D)thinking about (A)gold
I was thinking about (G)diamonds and the (D)world's biggest (A)necklace
As we rode through the (G)canyons through the (D)devilish (A)cold
I was thinking about (G)Isis how she (D)thought I was so (A)reckless.

How she told me that (G)one day we (D)meet up (A)again
And things would be (G)different (D)the next time we (A)wed
If I only could (G)hang on and (D)just be her (A)friend
I still can't (G)remember all the (D)best things she (A)said.

We came to the (G)pyramids all (D)embedded in (A)ice
He said There's a(G) body I'm (D)tryin
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g to (A)find
If I carry it (G)out it'll (D)bring a good (A)price
It was then that I (G)knew what he (D)had on his (A)mind.

The wind it was (G)howling and the (D)snow was out(A)rageous
We chopped through the (G)night and we (D)chopped through the (A)dawn
When he died I was (G)hoping that it (D)wasn't con(A)tagious
But I made up my (G)mind that I (D)had to go (A)on.

I broke into the (G)tomb but the (D)casket was (A)empty
There was no jewels no (G)nothing I (D)felt I'd been (A)had
When I saw that my (G)partner was (D)just being (A)friendly
When I took up his (G)offer I (D)must-a been (A)mad.

(A)I picked up his (G)body and I (D)dragged him (A)inside
Threw him down in the (G)hole and I (D)put back the (A)cover
I said a quick (G)prayer and I (D)felt satis(A)fied
Then I rode back to find (G)Isis just to (D)tell her I love (A)her.

She was there in the (G)meadow where the (D)creek used to (A)rise
Blinded by (G)sleep and in (D)need of a (A)bed
I came in from the (G)East with the sun (D)in my (A)eyes
I cursed her one (G)time then I (D)rode on a(A)head.

She said Where ya (G)been ? I said (D)No place (A)special ?
She said You look (G)different (D)I said Well I (A)guess
She said You been (G)gone I said That's (D)only na(A)tural
She said You gonna (G)stay? I said If you (D)want me to, (A)Yeah.

Isis oh (G)Isis you (D)mystical (A)child
What drives me to (G)you is what (D)drives me (A)insane
I still can (G)remember the (D)way that you (A)smiled
On the fifth day of (G)May in the (D)drizzling (A)rain.

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