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(A)I married (G)Isis on the (D)fifth day of (A)May    
But I could not (G)hold on (D)to her very (A)long
So I cut off my (G)hair and I (D)rode straight (A)away
For the wild unknown (G)country where I (D)could not go (A)wrong.

I came to a (G)high place of (D)darkness and (A)light
The dividing line (G)ran through the (D)center of (A)town
I hitched up my (G)pony to (D)a post on the (A)right
Went in to a (G)laundry to (D)wash my clothes (A)down.

A man in the (G)corner ap(D)proached me for a (A)match
I knew right (G)away he was (D)not ordi(A)nary
He said Are you (G)looking for something (D)easy to (A)catch ?
I said I got no (G)money. He said(D)That ain't neces(A)sary.

We set out that (G)night for the (D)cold in the (A)North
I gave him my (G)blanket he (D)gave me his (A)word
I said Where are we (G)going ? He said We'd (D)be back by the (A)fourth
I said That's the (G)best news that I've (D)ever (A)heard.

I was thinking about (G)turquoise I was (D)thinking about (A)gold
I was thinking about (G)diam
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