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(G/D)I like to (D)spend some (G)time (D)in Mozambique
(G/D)The sunny (D)sky is (G)aqua (D)blue
(G/D)And all the (D)couples (G)dan(D)cing cheek to cheek
(C)It's very (G)nice to (D)stay a week or two,
(C)And maybe (G)fall in (D)love just me and you.

(G/D)There's lots of (D)pretty (G)girls (D)in Mozambique
(G/D)And plenty (D)time for (G)good (D)romance
(G/D)And every(D)body (G)likes (D)t
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o stop and speak
(C)To give the (G)special (D)one you seek a chance
(C)Or maybe (G)say hel(D)lo with just a glance.

(Bm)Lying next to her by the (F#m)ocean
(Em)Reaching out and touching her (D)hand,
(Bm)Whispering your secret (F#m)emotion
(G)Magic in a magical (A)land.

(G/D)And when it's (D)time for (G)lea(D)ving Mozambique
(G/D)To say good(D)bye to (G)sand(D) and sea,
(G/D)You turn a(D)round to (G)take (D)a final peek
(C)And you see (G)why it's (D)so unique to be
(C)Among the (G)lovely (D)people living free
(C)Upon the (G)beach of (D)sunny Mozambique.

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