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(G)Oh sister (Bm)when I come, to (C)ly in your (G)arms.
You should not (Bm)treat me like a (C)stran(G)ger.
Our father (Bm)would not like the (C)way that you (G)act,
And you must (Bm)realize the (C)dan(G)ger.

(G)Oh sister (Bm)am I not a (C)brother to (G)you.
And one de(Bm)serving of af(C)fec(G)tion.
And is our (Bm)purpose not the (C)same on this (G)earth,
To lo
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ve and (Bm)follow his di(C)rec(G)tion.

(F)We grew up to(C)gether from the (G)cradle to the (D)grave.
We (F)died and were re(C)born and left mys(G)teriously (D)saved

(G)Oh sister (Bm)when I come to (C)knock on your (G)door
Don't turn a(Bm)way, you'll create (C)sor(G)row.
Time is an (Bm)ocean, but it (C)ends at the (G)shore
You may not (Bm)see me to(C)mor(G)row.

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