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(D)Hot chili peppers in the blistering (A)sun
Dust on my face and my (G)cape(D)
Me and Magdalena on the(A)run
I (G)think this time we shall es(A)cape(D)

Sold my guitar to the baker's (A)son
For a few crumbs and a place to (G)hide(D)
But I can get another (A)one
And I'll (G)play for Magdalena as we (A)ride(D)

Past the Aztec ruins and the ghosts of (A)our people
Hoofbeats like castanets on (G)stone.(D)
At night I dream of bells in the village (A)steeple
Then I (G)see the bloody face of Ra(A)mon(D)
Was it me that shot him down in the (A)cantina
Was it my hand that held the (G)gun?(D)
Come, let us fly, my Magda(A)lena        
The (G)dogs are barking and what's done is (A)done(D)

(A)No llores, mi querida  Dios n
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