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(A)  (Asus4) 4 times  
(A)Early one mornin' the (G)sun was shinin',
(A)I was layin' in (G)bed
(A) Wond'rin' if she'd (G)changed at all
If her (D)hair was still red.
(A)Her folks they said our (G)lives together
(A)Sure was gonna be (G)rough
They (A)never did like Mama's (G)homemade dress
Papa's (D)bankbook wasn't big enough.
And (E)I was standin' on the (F#m)side of the road
(A)Rain fallin' on my (D)shoes
(E)Heading out for the (F#m) East Coast
Lord (A)knows I paid some (D)dues gettin' (E)through,
(G)Tangled (D)up in (A)blue.

(A)  (Asus4) 4 times

(A)She was married when (G)we first met
(A)Soon to be divor(G)ced
(A)I helped her out of a (G)jam, I guess,
But I (D) used a little too much force.
(A)We drove that car as (G) Far as we could
(A)Abandoned it out (G)West
(A)Split up on a (G)dark sad night
Both(D) agreeing it was best
She(E) turned around (F#m)to look at me
(A)As I was walkin' (D)away
(E)I heard her say over (F#m)my shoulder,
We'll (A)meet again someday (D)on the (E)avenue,"
(G)Tangled (D)up in (A)blue.

(A)  (Asus4) 4 times

(A) I had a job in the (G) great north woods
(A) Working as a cook (G) for a spell
(A) But I never did like it (G) all that much
And one (D) day the ax just fell.
(A) So I drifted down (G)to New Orleans
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