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[Verse 1]
                           G                       Fm                   C
You were born, inside of a raindrop, and I watched you falling, to your death
                                G                      Fm                C
And the sun, well she could not save you, she’d fallen down too, now the streets are wet
                         G                  Fm              C
Body of water, toxic and timeless, Atlantic Ocean, New York skyline
                                    G                           Fm                         C
I always get lost, when I leave the village, so I couldn't come meet you, in Brooklyn last night 
                         G                  Fm                        Em   C
But I sing glory from my lowest, and I will say peace to the people I meet
                               G                     Fm     C Fm      C
While the world waits for an explosion, that instant of life,    that wipes the slate clean
   Am       G      Am
So don't be fooled,
             G        Em       Am     D     G
no don’t get lied to, love was always cruel
Am           G
   Don't act strange,
Am            G            Em                       Am           D   G
   don’t be a stranger, it happened to me, now it’s happening to you
But if you take that train under water then we could talk it through
C  G  Fm  C  x2
[Verse 2]
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                             G                      Fm                     C
Well if I could tame, all of my desires, wait out the weather, that howls in my brain
                              G                           Fm                      C
Because it seems, that it's always changing, the wind's indecision, the sorrowful rain
                                G               Fm                   C
Yeah, I was a postcard, I was a record, I was a camera, until I went blind
                                 G                   Fm                    C
And now I'm riding, all over this island, looking for something, to open my eyes
                               G                        Fm                           C
But I still sing glory from my highrise, and I will say thanks, if you're pouring my drinks
                               G                       Fm                      C
While the world waits for an explosion, that moment in time, when we’ll be set free
Am               G
   So don't stay mad,
Am               G                     Em                    Am       D  G
   just let some time pass, and in the morning you'll wake feeling new
Am                    G
  And if I don't come back, I mean,
Am           G                Em              Am     D  G
   if I get sidetracked, it’s only ‘cause I wanted to
I’m keeping up with the moon on an all-night avenue
C  G  Fm  C  x4

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Bright Eyes - Train Under Water