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(E) (D) (A)
(E) (D) (A)

(E)Sam, you've been waiting much too long now
It (D)looks like she's not (A)coming (E)home
Sam, you've been loyal, true and faithful
(D)All this time with (A)being a(E)lone

If (A)I could get that same dedi(E)cation
I'd (A)give you everything in (E)creation
(B7)If she doesn't come back
(If she doesn't come back)

I'll be your (E)substi(A)tute (B)
When(A)ever you (E)want me (A)(B)
Don't you (A)know I'll be your (E)substi(A)tute (B)
(A)Whenever you (E)need me (A)(B)

(E)Sam, every day you waited for her
(D)I've bee
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