(GM)Aaah, (F)aaah, (Dm)aaah, (C)aaah....(Gm)Aaah, (F)aaah, (Dm)aaah, (C)aaah, (Am)aaah.

(Am)In a (Dm)white room, (F)with black (G)curtains, (Bb)near the (Dm)station.(F)(G)(Bb)
Black roof (Dm)country, (F)no gold (G)pavements, (BD)tired (Dm)starlings.(F)(G)(Bb)
Silver (Dm)horses, (F)run down (G)moonbeams, (Bb)in your (Dm)dark eyes.(F)(G)(Bb)
Dawnlight (Dm)smiles, (F)on your (G)leaving, (Bb)my con(Dm)tentment. (F)(G)(Bb)

I'll (C)wait in this (G)place, where the (Bb)sun never (A)shines.
(C)Wait in this (G)place where the (Bb)shadows (C)run from them
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Cream - White Room