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Star man - David Bowie


||:Bb    /A |        | Fmaj7    |           :||

couplet 1 

Didn't know what time it was the lights were low-ow-ow.

 I lean back on my radio-o-o

C                            C7
 Some cat was laying down some rock'n'roll,

                      F Ab Bb
'Lotta soul' he said. 

Couplet  2

 Then the loud sound did seem to fa-a-ade

 Came back like a slow voice on a wave of pha-a-ase

C                            C7                A   G
 That weren't no DJ that was hazy cosmic jive.


          F       Dm
There's a starman waiting in the sky

     Am               C
He'd like to come and meet us

But he thinks he'd blow our minds.

          F       Dm
There's a starman waiting in the sky

     Am             C
He's told us not to blow it

'Cause he knows it all worthwhile,

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