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(G)   (Bm)   (C)   (G) 2X

(G)Hey Ni(Bm)kita is it (C)cold(Csus4) (C)            
In your little corner of the (G)world?(Gsus4) (G)          
You could roll a(D)round the globe(Dsus4) (D)           
And never (D7)find a warmer (G)soul to know(Gsus4) (G)
Oh I (G7)saw you by the (C)wall(Csus4) (C)       
Ten of your tin soldiers (G)in a row(Gsus4) (G)          
With eyes that looked like (D)ice on fire(Dsus4) (D)            
The human (D7)heart a captive in (G)the snow(Gsus4) (G)
Oh Nikita (G7)you will (C)never know(Csus4) (C)             
Anything a(G)(bout my home(Gsus4) (G)
I'll never know how good it feels to (D)hold you(Dsus4) (D)
Oh oh  (D7)Nikita I (G)need you so(Gsus4) (G)
Oh Ni(G7)kita is the other (C)side(Csus4) (C)           
Of any given (G)line in time(Gs
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