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    C		                            F              C
1. Pushin' horns weren't easy like the movies said it was,
 	     \		                       G
    and I don't recall no dance hall girls or hotel rooms with rugs.
 	          C                                 F               C
    You worked hot and tired and nasty, rode you pony's head too low,
				       G                     F                          
there were all the nights you couldn't sleep 'cause it was too damn cold.
	               C               G                 C
    And you'd sing,     "Strawberry Roan" and "Little Joe".

             C                             F             C
2. Like the time we hit the river and the rains began to fall,
            \                                  G
    and the water was rising so damn fast we thought it'd drown us all.
        C                                 F                 C
    We lost a lot of steers that day and four or five good mounts,
             \                  G         F
    but when all the boys rode into camp we knew that's what counts.
                 C                G                  C
    And we sang,   "Yippee Ti Yi Yay" and "Amazing Grace".

        a                  e                      F              C
Or the night they broke behind us, and then they took us by surpr
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    a              e                 F             G       ~
I whistled out to Bonner I seen the terror in his eyes.
        C                C7                      F                        
And he rode for all his horse would ride and I know he done his best,
     C               G             F                   
but he crossed over Jordan ridin' Dunny to his death.
              C                      G                        C
And we sang,      "Bringin' in the Sheaves" and "The Rugged Cross".

+ InstrumentaL (similar to verse 1, line 1-4) :

C - F - C - G       C - F - C - G - C


        C                                F              C
3. So when you see the cowboy, he's not ragged by his choice,
       \                                          G
    he never meant to bow them legs or put that gravel in his voice.
                C                                      F              C
    He's just chasin' what he really loves and what's burning in his soul,
                        G                  F
   wishin' to God that he'd been born and hundred years ago,
                   C               G                 C
    still singin',    "Strawberry Roan" and "Little Joe".

    + InstrumentaL (similar to verse 3, line 1-4) :

    C - F - C - G       C - F - C - G - C  ...

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