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Chords: EADGBe            EADGBe
F       133211     Dm     xx0231
Bb      x13331     Gm     466444
Eb      xx5343     Bbsus4 
C       030210
    Intro:  F    Bb    F    F    Bb    F    Eb   Bb  Bbsus4  F

    F            Bb      F
    Bombay seems lost in dreams
    F              Bb      F
    When the pipes let off steam
    In a backroom
    Bb                         F     Bb
    Somewhere, anywhere in L.A.
         F             Bb      F
    Next payday comes, I'll be gone
       F                      Bb       F
    By boats and planes, it's pre-arranged
              Eb        Bb
    You can't catch me, I'm on my way
            F        Bb     F
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ack to Bombay

    Gm      Dm      Gm      Dm
    Bombay! Bombay! Bombay! Bombay!
     Bb      C
    (Bombay, Bombay)
    G           F        Dm
    Ain't gonna leave no trace
     Bb      C
    (Bombay, Bombay)
    G           F      Dm
    Gonna wash away my face
     Bb      C
    (Bombay, Bombay)
    G             F     Dm
    In the Bombay river
     Bb      C
    (Bombay, Bombay)
    I'm gonna settle
    I'm gonna stay in Bombay


    I'm gonna trade my past
    For a new life at last
    Sit back and have another blast
    If I die, Kamasutra's the reason why
    Kama kama kama Kamasutra
    Kama kama kama I surrender
    Ooohh yeah, I surrender


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