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Desperately Trying To Be Different  

lizzy the lizard
met an angry young snake
with forked-tongue grace
by the name of Jake;
  F           G            Am
a yellow-eyed diamond back rattler

in the chill-out room
of the 'wild-life' saloon
she admired his skin
Jake said it was fake
    F              G
and Liz said: "Who cares
it don't really matter!"

F     G
a question to raise
G    Am
why people these days
like slaves to a craze
    Am      G
are somehow hell bent
Am    G    Am      Am             G
yet always content with fort
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une's spent
   Am          G           Am
on desperately tryin'to be different

(continue: Am G F E F G Am)

wily the weasel said
to Sammy the snitch
let's go to the dogs
and bet on that bitch
the greyhound
that runs like a panther

they made a big score,
went to the hi-fashion store
they bought two suits of shark skin
furs, ermine and mink
all decked out for the next chapter


Nancy the nympho
yelled at lola la leech
Ď need a permanent wave
with lotsa bleach
I wanna look like a cheap German dancer

she could pass for a queen
in a second hand dream
inside the gloom of the 'wildlife saloon'
the wolfwhistles
sounded just like laughter

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