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When The Lady Smiles  

B                         G
When the lady smiles, you know it drives me wild
B                       G
Her lips are warm and resourceful
B                      G
When her fingertips go drawing circles in the night
B                        G
And the mood is soft and sensual
B                       G
Then I love it, yeah, I love it
B                  G
It's the answer to all my dreams
And ev'rytime it feels like:

The earth is shaking, it doesn't matter
A glass is falling, I hear it shatter
Maybe it's raining, faster and faster
Shadow dancing

                Am                    G
Together oh-oh, I, I'm betting on the game of love
      Am                      D
Ohoh, I, I'm betting that the love is gonna come out
When the walls no longer shout
Back at me and I'm feelin' proud

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  Dm   Am          Dm              F
When the lady smiles, she holds me in her hand
     C                       Dm     Am     G
As a matter of fact, she can always let me down
         Dm   Am        Dm               F
When the lady smiles, I can't resist her call,
     C                 Bb              Am
As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all
           F                  G
'Cause I'm walkin' on clouds, and she's leading the way

B                              G
My friends tell me: "she's the beast inside your paradise"
B                           G
I guess you've heard it all before
B                               G
A fallen angel that has got you hypnotized
B                     G
And that always needs some more
B                      G
But I love it, yeah, I love it
B                     G
She's done nothing to mislead me
'Cause ev'rytime we meet: 


Chorus (2x)


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Comments Golden Earring - When The Lady Smiles - chords


Francis-peeters-76543 2019-03-13

outro staat er niet bij


Frans1957 2010-11-06

volgens mij moet de B een C zijn.


Etec 2010-08-21

golden earring   when the ladies smiles


Etec 2010-08-21

solo, when the adies smiles