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Who Do You Love?  

it's a strum pattern for the Ab chord.and at the end of each line of verse,
throw in a brief Db chord

Chords:      EADGBe
        Ab - 466544
        Db - x46664

Ab                          Db
I walked 47 miles of barbed wire
Ab                           Db
wear a cobra snake for a necktie
Ab                               Db
Got a brand new house built on a hill
Ab                     Db
Made outta rattlesnake hide.

Ab                             Db
Got a great big chimney way on top
Ab               Db
Made outta human skull
Ab                                Db
Come on over here you cute little thing
Ab                      Db
And tell me, who do you love?

Chorus: (play twice)
    Ab                        Ab
    Who do you love?     
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     Who do you love?

Ab                              Db
A voodoo man, he took me by the hand
Ab                            Db
He said: woo baby, I can understand
Ab                        Db
Crushed a bone on a ju-ju stone
Ab                            Db
Closed his eyes and he cast a spell
Ab                 Db
Tell me who do you love?


Ab                                    Db
The light was black and the night was blue
Ab                            Db
And down the alley I crept on through
Ab                                Db
A shot from a pistol and somebody screamed
Ab                                  Db
You should have heard just what I'd seen
Ab         Db
who do you love?


Ab                                     Db
I got a tombstone head and a graveyard mind
Ab                              Db
I'm just 22 and I ain't stole a dime
Ab                              Db
The eyes of a wolf  and a gator smile
Ab                                 Db
Lived long enough and I don't mind dying'!!
Ab         Db
Who do you love?

Ab         Db
Who do you love? (6x)

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