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(Dm)Cajun moon, where does your (G)power lie?    
As you (Dm)move across the (G)southern sky
You took my (Dm)babe way too (A7)soon
What have you (G)done, Cajun (Dm)moon?

Someday babe, when you (G)want your man
And you find him (Dm)gone, just (G)like the wind
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t trouble your (Dm)mind whatever you (A7)do
Cause Cajun (G)moon took him from (Dm)you

When daylight fades, and the (G)night comes on
You can (Dm)hear the silence (G)of this song
Don't trouble your (Dm)mind whatever you (A7)do
Cause he got (G)me like he got (Dm)you

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