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She said to me
Go steady on me
D                      A
wanna tell me what the wiseman said when they
Came down from heaven
Smoked nine till seven
D                 A
All the s*** that they could find but they
Em                       Bm
Couldn't escape from you they couldn't be free of you
D                          A
And now they know there is no way out and they're
G                                                A
Really sorry now for what they've done they were three wisemen just trying

to have some fun

Am         C
Look who's alone now
G                    D
It's not me it's not me
Am              C
Those three wisemen they've got a
G           D
Semi by the sea
Am             F                 G             D
Got to ask yourself the question where are you now?
Am             F                 G             D
Got to ask yourself the question where are you now?

Really sorry now they weren't to know
They got caught up in your talent show
With you pernicity little b****** and your fancy dresses
Who just judge each other and 
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