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|A   |E   |Bm  |Bm  |  x2

[Verse 1]
A              E          D
  On a Hollywood lawn today
A                 E                    D
  Slip and slide, watching the kids play
A               E              D
  You know that I love you, babe
A              E                      D
  Dozin' off watchin' the channels change

                         A                     E
I been searching for the heart to tell you somethin'
        D                   A  
I could get down on my knees
                           E      Bm          D
I've had it with you trippers and drama queens
     A                   E       D           A  
If I click my ruby slippers like Don Quichote
                            E      D
I'm long lost like Rockefeller drifting off to sea

[Verse 2]
A            E             D
  On a Hollywood lawn today
A                      E    D
  Suckin' back some 
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Jenny Lewis - Hollywood Lawn