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             G                                              A7
Well, the south side of chicago, is the baddest part of town.
                 B7                                        C
And if you go down there, you better just beware,
       D7                             G
of a man name of Leroy Brown.
         G                                                             A7
Now leroy's more than trouble, you see he stands `bout six foot four.
                     B7                                      C                                    D7                         G
And all the downtown ladies call him “Tree Top Lover”,all the men just call him Sir”.

And he's bad, bad, Leroy Brown.
The baddest man in the whole damned town.
B7                                       C               D7                   C             G
Badder than the old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog.

         G                                                 A7
Now Leroy, he's a gambler, and he likes his fancy clothes.
            B7                          C                           D7                         
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