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The (Am)door it opened (F) slowly,
my (Am)father he (F)came in,
I was (G)nine (F)years (E)old.
And he (Am)stood so tall (F)above me,
his (Am)blue eyes they (F)were shining
and his (G)voice was (F)very (E)cold.
He (C)said, "I've had a vision
and you know I'm strong and holy,
I must(D) do what I've been (B)told."
So he(F) started up the (Bb)mountain,
I was (F)running, he was (Bb)walking,
and his (F)axe was (G)made of (A)gold. (Am) (A) (Am)

Well,the trees they got much (F)smaller,
the (Am)lake a lady's (F)mirror,
we (G)stopped to (F)drink some (E)wine.
Then he (Am)threw the bottle(F)over.
Broke (Am)a minute (F)later
and he (G)put his (F)hand on (E)mine.
Thought (C)I saw an eagle
but it might have been a vulture,
I (D)never could  de(B)cide.
Then my (F)father built an (Bb)altar,
he looked (F)once behind his (Bb)shoulder,
he (F)knew I (G)would not (A)hide. (Am) (A) (
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You who build these (F)altars now
to (Am)sacrifice these (F)children,
you must not (G)do it (F)any (E) more.
A (Am)scheme is not a (F)vision
and you (Am)never have been (F)tempted
by a (G)demon (F)or a (E)god.
You who (C)stand above them  now,
your hatchets blunt and  bloody,
you (D)were not  there (B)before,
when I (F)lay upon a (Bb)mountain
and my (F)father's hand was (Bb)trembling
with (F)the beauty (G)of the (A)word. (Am) (A) (Am)

And if you call me (F)brother now,
forgive (Am)me if I in(F)quire,
Just (G)according (F)to whose (E)plan?"
(Am)When it all comes (F)down to dust
(Am)I will kill you (F)if I must,
I will (G)help you (F)if I (E) can.
(Am)When it all comes (F)down to dust
(Am) I will help you (F)if I must,
I will (G)kill you (F)if I (E)can.
And (Am)mercy on our (F)uniform,
(Am)man of peace or (F)man of war,
the (G)peacock spreads his (Am)fan.

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