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(A)Traveling (E)lady (A)stay a(G)while  
Un(A)til the (E)night is (A)over
Im just a (E)station (A)on your (G)way
I (A)know I am (E)not your (A)lover

Well, I lived with a (G)child of snow
(A)When I was a (G)soldier
And (A)I fought every (G)man for her
Un(A)til the nights grew (G)colder

(A)She used to (E)wear her (A)hair like (G)you
Ex(A)cept when (E)she was (A)sleeping
And then she,d (E)weave it (A)on a (G)loom
Of (A)smoke and (E)gold and (A)breathing

And why are you so (G)quiet now
(A)Standing there in the (G)
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