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Shit Towne

F                G                  Am  Asus4  Am Asus4
The Weavers live up the street from me
    F                     G                   Am Asus4 Am Asus4
The crackheads they live down the street from me
    F                   G
The tall grass makes it hard to see
  Am            Asus4 Am Asus4
beyond my property
F                G
Hey man,
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 this is criminal
     Am           Asus4                    Am  Asus4
This hard line of symmetry of people and pets
Eb              C           Eb          C
We don't bother anyone   We keep to ourselves
    Eb             C             Bb
The mailman visits each of us in turn
F          G                Am      C/G
Gotta live gotta live gotta live in Shit Towne

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