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(E)If I could be anything (A)in the world that flew
(E)I would be a bat and come (A)swooping after you
(E)And if the last time you were here (A)things were a bit askew

Well, you (F)know what (C)happens after (G)dark
When rattle(F)snakes lose their (C)skins and their (G)hearts
And (F)all the missio(C)naries lose their (G)bark
Oh, (D)all the trees are (G)calling after (A)you
And (D)all the venom (G)snipers after (A)you
Are (D)all the mountains (G)boulder after (A)you

(E)If I could be any one of the (A)things in this world that bite
(E)Instead of a dentured ocelot on a leash (A)I'd rather be
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