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(Am)Crazy Janey and her (Em)mission man
Were (Am)back in the alley (Em)trading hands
(D)Along came Wild Billy with his (Em)friend Gee Man
All (Am)duded up for (G)Saturday (Em)night
(Am)Billy slammed on his (Em)coaster brakes, said
(Am)Anybody wanna go to (G)Greasy Lake
It's a (D)mile down on the dark side of (Em)Route 88
I got a (Am)bottle of (G)rosé let's (Em)try it
We'll (C)pick up Hazy Davey and (Am)Killer Joe and
I'll (D)take you all out to where the gypsy angels go
They're built like light and they dance like
Spirits in the (Em)night, all (D)night
Oh (Am)you don't know what (G)they can do (Em)to you
Spirits in the night, all night
In the (D)night, all night
(Am)Stand right up and (G)let them shoot (Em)through you

(Am)Wild Billy was a (Em)crazy cat
And (Am)he shook some dust out of his (Em)coon skin cap
He said (D)try some of this it'll (Em)show you where you're
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