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(D)I'm hearing the light from the (Bb)window
I'm (D)seeing the sound of the (C)sea
My (D)feet have come loose from their (B7)moorings
I'm (G)feeling quite wonderfully (A)free

And I (G)think I will travel to (Gm)Rio
(D)Using the (F#m)music for (B7)flight
There's (G)nothing I know of in (Gm)Rio
But it's (A)something to do with the (D)night
It's (G)only a whimsical (Gm)notion
To (D)fly down to (F#m)Rio to(B7)night
And I (G)probably won't fly down to (Gm)Rio
(A)But then again I just (D)might

There's (D)wings to
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