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(A)Livin' on free food tickets,         
water in the milk from a hole in the roof where the (G)rain came through. 
What can you (D)do? (E)Ahah.

(A)Tears from the little sister, crying because she doesn't have a dress  
without a patch for the (G)party to go.
But she (D)knows, she'll get (E)by.

Cause she's (A)living in the love of the (D)common people  
(A)smiles from the heart of a (E)family man.      
(A)Daddy's gonna buy you a (D)dream to cling to,
(A)Mama's gonna love you just as (E)much as she can. (E7)And she (A)can.

(A)It's a good thing you don't have bus fare. 
it will fall through the hole in your pocket 
and you lose 
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