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(Em)On the (D)turning a(G)way
From the (C)pale and down(Em)trodden
And the (D)words they (G)say
Which we (C)won't understand
(Em)Don't accept that what's (C)happe(G)ning
(Em)Is just a case of others' (G)suffe(C)ring
(G)Or you'll find that you're (C)joining (Em)in
On the (D)turning a(G)way

(Em)It's a (D)sin that some(G)how
Light is (C)changing to (Em)shadow
And cas(D)ting its (G)shroud
Over (C)all we have known
(Em)Unaware how the (C)ranks have (G)grown
(Em)Driven on by a (G)heart of (C)stone
(G)We could find that we're (C)all (Em)alone
In the (D)dream of the (G)proud

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 the (D)wings of the (G)night
As the (C)daytime is (Em)slurring
Where the (D)speechless (G)unite
In a (C)silent accord
(G)Using words you will (C)find are (Em)strange
(G)And mesmerized as they (Em)light the (C)flame
(G)Feel the new (C)wind of (Em)change
On the (D)wings of the (G)night

(Em)No more (D)turning a(G)way
From the (C)weak and the (Em)weary
No more (D)turning a(G)way
From the (C)coldness inside
(G)Just a world that we (C)all must (Em)share
(G)It's not enough just to (Em)stand and (C)stare       
(G)Is it only a (C)dream that there'll (Em)be
No more (D)turning a(G)way?

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