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Karma Police 

(chords used:)
Am        x02210
D9/F#     2x0210
Em        022000
G         320003
Amadd9    x02410
F         133211
D         xx0232
G*        320033
G/F#      2x0033
C         x32010
Cadd9/B   x20010
Bm        x24432
D/A       x00323
F#        244322
Bm/F#     224432

(Intro (verse riff):)
Am     D9/F#   Em       G
Amadd9 F       Em       G
Amadd9 D       G   G/F# C Cadd9/B
Am             Bm       D


karma police
arrest this man he talks in maths
he buzzes like a fridge
he's like a detuned radio

karma police
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 this girl her hitler 
hairdo is making me feel ill
we have crashed her party

C           D/A       G    F#
  This is what you get...
C           D/A       G    F#
  This is what you get...
C           D/A       G             Bm/F#       C   Bm  D
  This is what you get, when you meeesss with us.

karma police
i've given all i can it's not enough
I've given all i can 
but we're still on the payroll


Bm          D         G       D        G     D     E    Bm  D
phew, for a minute there, i lost myself, i lost myself

(end on Bm)

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