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(G7)Together a(C)gain..(C7)my tears have stopped (F)falling.
The long, lonely (G7)nights..are now at an (C)end.(F)(C)

(G7)The key to my (C)heart, (C7)you hold in your (F)hand.
And nothing else (G7)matters..cause we're together a(C)gain.(F)(C)


(G7)Together a(C)ga
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in..(C7)the gray skies are (F)gone.
You're back in my (G7)arms..now, where you be(C)long.(F)(C)

(G7)The love that we (C)knew..(C7)whoa, is living a(F)gain.
And nothing else (G7)matters, baby..we're together a(C)gain.(F)(C)

(C)Well, nothing else (G7)matters, baby..
we're together a(C)gain.(F)(C)

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