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(A) (D)(E) 3X

(E)Well, come on lets (A)go lets go lets (D)go little (E)darling,
(A)Tell me that you'll (D)never (E)leave me
Come (A)on, come (D)on lets (E)go a(A)gain, and a(D)gain and a(E)gain

(E)Well, now (A)swing me, swing me (D)swing me way (E)darling
(A)Come on lets (D)go little (E)darling
Lets (A)go, lets (D)go a(E)gain once (A)more(D)(A)

(A)Well, (D)I love you (A)so yeah and (E)I'll never (A)let you go        
(D)Come along (A)baby soon;  
(E7)Oh, pretty (E)baby I love you s
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Lets (A)go. lets go, lets (D)go little (E)sweet heart
Now (A)that we can (D)always be to(E)gether
Come (A)on, come (D)on lets (E)go a(A)gain

(D)I love you, (A)so yeah and (E)I'll never (A)let you go      
(D)Come along (A)baby soon ; 
(E7)Oh pretty baby (E)I love you so 

Lets (A)go, lets go, lets (D)go little (E)darlin'
(A)They're dancing and (D)we'll be(E)long here
Come (A)on, come (D)on, lets (E)go a(A)gain and a(D)gain and a(E)gain
A(A)gain, a(D)gain and a(E)gain and a(A)gain

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