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(G)Somebody told me just the (F)other day,
That you´re (C)leaving me, we´re (D)through.
(G)Well if you knew how it (F)hurt me so,
Then you´d (C)change your mind, I´m (D)sure.
(G)Don´t want to hear what´s (F)going on,
(C)I don´t care what´s (D)new.
(G)Don´t want to know about (F)anything,
cos (C)all I (G)want is (C)you.

(Am)Going out with (E)other girls 
(Am)was always such a (G)bore,
(Am)But since I fell in (F)love with you,
I (C)need you more and (D)more.

(G)Don´t want to know about (F)one night stands,
(C)Cut price souve(D)nirs,
(G)All I want is t
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he (F)real thing,
And a (C)night that (G)lasts for (C)years.

(Am)If you ever (E)change your mind,
(Am)I´ve a certain (G)cure,
(Am)An old refrain, it (F)lingers on,
 l´(C)amour, toujours l´(D)amour.

(G)Don´t want to learn about (F)etiquette
from (C)glossy maga(D)zines.
(G)Why should I try to (F)talk correct 
like they (C)do in another (D)scenes?
(G)Say no more about (F)imagery,
you´re (C)starting to (D)confuse,
(G)Just make an offer of (F)more romance,
of (C)course I (G)can´t re(C)fuse.

All I (G)want is (C)you,  (G)uh-u   
I´m all cracked (C)up on you

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