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  D                  A                 G               A
1.    Now the party´s over,       I´m so tired,
D              A                     G             A
    then I see you coming     out of nowhere.
D                     A             G           A
    Much communication     in a motion,
D                A                 G          A
    without conversation     or a notion.
Dm - F – G - A         Dm -  F – G - A
   D                    A                        G             A
2.    When the samba takes you     out of nowhere,
D                 A                             G            A
    and the background´s fading     out of focus.
D                A             
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              G                A
    Yes the picture`s changing       every moment,
D                   A              G                    A
    and your destination     you don´t know it.
Dm - F – G - A       Dm -  F – G - A
   D                    A               G                     A
3.    When you bossanova      there´s no holding,
D                     A                         G              A
    would you have me dancing       out of nowhere.
Am - F – G - A      Dm -  F – G - A
D-A-G-A   D        A -G-A     D        A  -G-A         
                    Avalon,                Avalon (rep. and fade)
(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Roxy Music)

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