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(D)Well I'm here (C)looking through (A)an old picture frame
(D)Just waiting for the (C)perfect (A)view
(D)I hope something (C)special will (A)step in to my life
(F)Another fine (G)edition of (A)you
(F)A pin-up done (G)in shades (A)of blue

(D)Sometimes you (C)find a yearning (A)for the quiet life
(D)The country air (C)and all its (A)joys
(D)But badgers (C)couldn't compen(A)sate at twice the price
(F)For just another (G)night with (A)the boys oh yeah
(F)And boys will be (G)boys, will be (A)boys

(D)They say love's a (C)gamble, hard to (A)win, easy lose
(D)And while sun (C)shines you'd (A)better make hay
(D)So if life is your (C)table and (A)fate is the wheel
(F)Then let the (G)chips fall (A)
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where they may
(F)In modern times the (G)modern (A)way

(D)And as I was (C)drifting past (A)the Lorelei
(D)I heard those (C)slinky sirens (A)wail, whooo
(D)So look out (C)sailor when you (A)hear them croon
(F)You'll never (G)been the same (A)again oh no
(F)Their crazy music (G)drives you in(A)sane, this way

(D)So love, (C)leave me (A)do what you will
(D)Who knows what (C)tomorrow might (A)bring'
(D)Learn from your (C)mistakes is my (A)only advice
(F)And stay cool is (G)still the main (A)rule
(F)Don't play your(G)self for a (A)fool

(F)Too much (G)cheesecake too (A)soon
(F)Old money's (G)better than (A)new
(F)No mention in the (G)latest Tri(A)bune
(F)And don't let this (G)happen to (A)you

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