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(D)I was allright for a while, I could smile for a while.
But I saw you last night, you held my (D+)hand so tight,
as you (G)stopped, to say, (Gm)hello.
Oh, you (D)wished me well, you (A7)couldn`t tell, that I`ve been..
(D)cry.y.y.y.ing (F#m)over you..(D)cry.y.y.y.ing (F#m)over you.

Then (G)you said, so (A)long, left me (G)standing all a(A)lone..
Alone and (D)crying..(D+)crying, (G)crying, cry....(Gm)ing.
It`s hard to (D)understand, but the (A7)touch of your han
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can start me (D)crying.

(D)I thought that I, was over you, but it`s tr...ue, so true.
I love you even more, than I (D+)did before, but (G)darling, what can I (Gm)do..oo?
For you (D)don`t love me, and I`ll (A7)always be...
(D)cry.y.y.y.ing (F#m)over you..(D)cry.y.y.y.ing (F#m)over you.

Yes, (G)now you`re (A)gone, and (G)from this moment (A)on,
I`ll be (D)crying, (D+)crying, (G)crying, (Gm)crying..
yeah, (D)crying..(Bm)crying..(G)o......(A7)ver (D)you. A D G D

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