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(C)Your baby doesn't (F)love you any(C)more.  

(F)Golden days before they end..whisper secrets to the (Am)wind, 
(C)your baby won't be (F)near you, any(C)more. 
(F)Tender nights before they fly..send falling stars 
that seem to (Am)cry,

your (Dm)baby (Bb)doesn't (G)want you any(C)more, it's (F)over.
(Em)It breaks your (F)heart in two..(Em)to know she's (F)been
(Em)but oh, what (F)will you do, when (G)she says to
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(F)there's someone (G)new, we're (F)through, we're (G)thro..(G7)ugh.
It's (C)over..It's (Em)over.....(G)It's (C)over!

(F)All the rainbows in the sky, start to weep and say good(Am)bye.
(C)You won't be seeing (F)rainbows any(C)more.
(F)Setting suns before they fall, beckon to you, that's all,
that's (Am)all,
but (Dm)you'll see (Bb)lonely (G)sunsets, after (C)all.
It's (C7)over..It's over..It's over..It’s o...(F)ver!

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