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(C)There's only (F)four (Em)hours (Dm)left to (C)death (Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(C)
No time to (F)feel (Em)that (Dm)I re(C)gret(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(Am)

I hate the (E)man outside this (Am)door
Brings me my (E)last meal and he (Am)says
Enjoy your (E)dinner son be(Am)fore
(D)They come and (G)get you, (Em)then (G)you'll (C)hang (Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)

(C)I guess the (F)hang(Em)man's (Dm)still a(C)sleep(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(C)
The gallows (F)wait, (Em)the (Dm)cord is (C)cheap(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(Am)

The preacher
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 (E)says Before it's too (Am)late
I'll save your (E)soul, don't let me (Am)wait
You know it's (E)really time to (Am)go
(D)But it's so (G)terri(Em)ble (G)to (C)know(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)

(C)Now it's just (F)four (Em)minutes (Dm)left to (C)death(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(C)
My whole life (F)pas(Em)ses, I (Dm)can't for(C)get(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(Am)

The hangman, (E)oh how can he (Am)smile
And kill me (E)in a little (Am)while
He ties my (E)hands down on my (Am)back
(D)And hangs the (G)cord (Em)a(G)round my (C)neck(Cadd9)(C)(Cadd9)(C)

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