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G = 32001x (Intro/verses)
F = xx3211 (Intro/verses)

C   Am   G    F   (X 4) 

C      Am        G               F       
   The earth is warm next to my ear
C     Am     G                  F       
   Insects noise is all that I hear
C   Am       G                      F                  
   A magic trick makes the world disappear
C   Am            G                               F
   The skies are dark, they're dark but they're clear

G                           Am              F
  A distant motorcade and suddenly there's joy
G                                Am            F
  The snow and tickertape blurs all my senses numb
G                                   Am             F
  It's like the finish line where everything just ends
G                            Am        
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  The crack of radios seems close enough to touch

C   Am     G                 F
   Cold water, cleaning my wounds
C   Am       G                      F
   A side parade, with a single balloon
C   Am             G                    F
   I'm done with this, I'm counting to ten
C   Am      G                 F
   Blue as seas, running to them

G                             Am              F
  I feel like I am watching everything from space
G                        Am             F
  And in a minute I hear my name and I wake
G                             Am                   F
  I think the finish line's a good place we could start
G                             Am                  F
  Take a deep breath, take in all that you could want 

C   Am   G    F   (X 4) 

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