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A/C#   Bm   D   (X 2)

     A/C#    Bm          D
The winter's marked the earth
      A/C#         Bm      D
It's floored with frozen glass
    A/C#   Bm     D
You slip into my arms
                   A/C#           Bm    D
And you quickly correct yourself

      A/C#     Bm       D
Your freezing speech bubbles
        A/C#      Bm      D
Seem to hold your words aloft
            A/C#   Bm       D 
I want the smoky clouds of laughter
                  A/C#        Bm   D
To swim about me forever more

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  A/C#             Bm   D
I will race you to the waterside
             A/C#             Bm        D
And from the edge of Ireland shout out loud
              A/C#       Bm   D
So they could hear it in America
             A/C#     Bm    D
It's all for you

     A/C#        Bm     D
The shells crack under our shoes
     A/C#  Bm     D
Like punctuation points
  A/C#       Bm      D
The planets bend between us
                      A/C#           Bm    D
And a hundred million suns and stars

    A/C#       Bm      D   
The sea filled in the silence
  A/C#      Bm         D
Before you said those words
        A/C# Bm      D
And now even in the darkness
                A/C#        Bm    D
I can see how happy you are


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