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 E - A - - -
                      D                              Dm
1. Oh, Mr. Pleasant, how is Mrs. Pleasant ?
                                    Am                                       G
    I hope the world is treating you right, and your head’s in the air,
                        C                                              Am
    and you’re feeling so proud, ’cause you’re such a success.
                      F                          E                           D                           Dm
    And the whole wide world is on your side, hey hey, how are you today?
  Dm                     Am                              G
People say Mr. Pleasant is good, Mr. Pleasant is kind,
          C                              Am
Mr. Pleasant’s okay, Mr. Pleasant don’t mind,
      F                   E                                  D                            Dm
as long as Mr. Pleasant’s all right, hey hey, how are you today ?
+  How’s your father, how’s your m
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    how’s your sister, how’s your brother?
      E                                                     A
    How’s your brand new limousine, twenty-four inch TV screen?
    Fis                                  B7
    Did you like prosperity more than you liked poverty?
     E                   E7                      E                   A
    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
                     D                                Dm
2. Oh, Mr. Pleasant, how is Mrs. Pleasant ?
                                         Am                             G
    Did you know she was flirting around with another young man,
                    C                                     Am
    and he’s taking her out, when you have to work late,
                  F                       E                   D                           Dm
    and it’s not so pleasant after all, hey hey, how are you today ?
+  CHORUS     +  instrumental = CHORUS ....
    (The Kinks) 

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