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             C              F                   C              F
1. It was a cold and wet December day, when we touched down at JFK.
    C               F                 C     F                     C   -F-C-F
  Snow was melting on the ground, on BLS I heard the sound of an Angel.
   C                 F               C                 F          C   - F -C-F
  New York like a Christmas tree, tonight this city belongs to me,   Angel.
     G   F   G-F        G          F     G-F  G   F   -G   F        C    -F-C-F
    So long,      this love won't let me go,  so long,    Angel of Harlem.

    C          F          C                  F
2. Birdland on 53, the street sounds like a symphony,
            C                   F
    we got John Coltrane and a love supreme,
     C               F            C    -F  - C - F
    Miles and she`s got to be an Angel.
     C            F                 C                F              C-F  -C-F
    Lady Day got diamond eyes, she sees the truth behind the lies, Angel.

     G  F   G-F         G          F     G-F  G   F   -G  
    So long,      this love won't let
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 me go,  so long,    
     F        C       -F-C    F        C        - F - C - F
    Angel of Harlem,         Angel of Harlem.
     a    G    F                   a      G         F   ~ C-F-C-F-C-F-C-F
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, she sings with heart, heart and soul.

     C                F       C              F
3. Blue light on the avenue, God knows they got to you.
        C                F           C                   F
    An empty glass, the lady sings, eyes swollen like a bee sting.
      C          F                     C                    F
    Blinded you lost your way, on the side streets and the alleyways,
             C             F                     C                 F
    Like a star exploding in the night, filling up the city with broad daylight.
        Ais                     G            
    An Angel in devil's shoes,      salvation in the blues.
                              F      G                C      - F-C-F-C-F-C-F
    You never looked like an angel, yeah !  Angel of Harlem,
C -F   C    F        C         F - C - F
Angel,     Angel of Harlem...                  (rep. and fade)

(Ais = Bb) 

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