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The Year Of The Cat

Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) The Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart

Songtype: Chords

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Al Stewart

Al Stewart


The Year Of The Cat

The Year Of The Cat

Geplaatst door
Al Stewart

(Cmaj7)(D)(Em) 3X (Am7) (D)

On a (Cmaj7)morning from a (Bm7)Bogart mo(Em)vie
in a (Cmaj7)country where they (Bm7)turned back (Em)time
you go (Cmaj7)strolling through the (Bm7)crowd like
(Em)Peter Lorre contemp(Am7)lating a (D)crime.
She comes (Cmaj7)out of the (Bm7)sun in a silk (Em)dress
running like a (B)water color in the (C)rain.
Don't bother (B)asking for ex(Em)planations.
She'll just (Am7)tell you that she came (D)
in the Year of the (Cmaj7)Cat.

(Cmaj7)(D)(Em) 3X (Am7) (D)

She (Cmaj7)doesn't give you (Bm7)time for ques(Em)tions
as she (Cmaj7)locks up you (Bm7)arm in (Em)hers.
And you (Cmaj7)follow 'til your (Bm7)sense of
(Em)which direction com(Am7)pletely disap(D)pears.
By the (Cmaj7)blue-tiled (BM7)walls near the (EM)market stalls
there's a (B)hidden door she leads you (C)to.
These days, she (B)says, "I (Em)feel my life just
like a (Am7)river running through (D)
the Year of the (Cmaj7)Cat.

(Cmaj7)(D)(Em) 3X (Am7) (D)

Well she (B)looks at you so (C)cooly
and her (G)eyes shine like (D)the moon
in the sea.
She comes in (B)incense and path(C)chouli
so you (G)take her to (F)find what's
(C/E)waiting in(D)side
the Year of the (Cmaj7)Cat.

(Cmaj7)(D)(Em) 3X (Am7) (D)

Well (Cmaj7)morning comes and (Bm7)you're still with (Em)her
and the (Cmaj7)bus and the tou(Bm7)rists are (Em)gone.
And you've (Cmaj7)thrown away your (Bm7)choice and
(Em)lost your ticket so (Am7)you have to stay (D)on.
But the (Cmaj7)drumbeat strains (Bm7)of the night
(Em)remain, in the (B)rhythm of the newborn (C)day.
You know some(B)time you're (Em)bound to leave her
but for (Am7)now you're gonna stay (D)
in the Year of the (Cmaj7)Cat.

(Cmaj7)(D)(Em) 3X (Am7) (D)


Cmaj7 x32000
D xx2320
Em 022000
Am7 x02010
D7 xx0212
Bm xx4432
B xx4442
C x32010
G 320003
F xx3211
C/E xx2010

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