Nether Lands

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 Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg


Nether Lands

Nether Lands

Geplaatst door
Dan Fogelberg


High on this mountain, the (D7)clouds down below
I'm (C)feeling so strong and a(D7)live
From (C)this rocky perch, I'll con(D7)tinue to search
For the (C)wind and the snow and the (D7)sky
Oh, (Bm)I want a lover and (Em7)I want some friends
And (Bm)I want to live in the (Em)sun
And (Bm)I want to do all the (Dm)things that I never have (C)done (D)(C)(D)

(C)Sunny bright mornings and (D7)pale moonlit nights
(C)Keep me from feeling a(D7)lone
Now I'm (C)learning to fly and this (D7)freedom is like
(C)Nothing that I've ever (D7)known
Oh,(Bm)I've seen the bottom and (Em7)I've been on top
But (Bm)mostly I've lived in be(Em)tween
And (Bm)where do you go when (Dm)you get to the end of your (C)dream (D)(C)(D)(C)(D)

(C)Off in the NetherLands (D7)I heard the sound
Like the (C)beating of heavenly (D7)wings
And (C)deep in my brain I can (D7)hear a refrain
Of my (C)soul as she rises and (D7)sings
(Bm)Anthems to glory and (Em7)anthems to love
And (Bm)hymns filled with earthly (Em)delight
Like the (Bm)songs that the darkness (Dm)composes to worship the (C)light

(C)Once in a vision I (D7)came on some woods
And (C)stood at a fork in the (D7)road
My (C)choices were clear yet I (D7)froze with the fear
Of (C)not knowing which way to (D7)go
Oh, (Bm)one road was simple ac(Em7)ceptance of life
The (Bm)other road offered sweet (Em)peace
When I (Bm)made my decision, my (Dm)vision became my re(C)lease (D)(C)(D)


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