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Gitaarliedjes, tabs & akkoorden (chords) Streetrlife - roxy music

Songtype: Chords

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roxy music

roxy music




Geplaatst door
Brian Ferry

(A)Wish every(D)body would (G)leave me (E)alone yeah Capo 1
(A)They're always (D)calling on my (G)tele(E)phone
(A)When I (D)pick it up (G)there's no one (E)there
So I (D)walk outside just to take the air

(A)Come on with (D)me cruising (G)down the (E)street
(A)Who knows (D)what you'll see, (G)who you might (E)meet
(A)This brave new (D)world's not (G)like yester(E)day
It can (D)take you higher than the milky way

(A)Now I'm (D)blinded I (G)can't really s(E)ee, yeah
(A)No more (D)bright lights (G)confusing (E)me, no
(A)Don't ask (D)me why I'm (G)feeling (E)blue
Cause (D)loving you is all I can do

(A)Hey goodloo(D)king boys, (G)gather (E)around
(A)The sidewalk (D)papers gutter (G)press you (E)down
(A)All those (D)lies can be (G)so un(E)kind,
They can (D)make you feel like you're losing your mind

(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(D)What a Life

(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(A)Street Life(D)(G)(E)
(D)Thats the Life

(D)(C)(G)(A) (D)(C)(G)(A) (D)(C)(G) (Bb) (A)

(A)Back to na(D)ture boys, (G)Vasser girls (E)too
(A)Watch what (D)you say, or (G)think, or (E)do
(A)Continental (D)style (G)strasse girls (E)might
But you (D)know exactly if it's wrong or right

(A)Educa(D)tion is an (G)important (E)key, yes
(A)But the (D)good life's never (G)won by de(E)grees, no
(A)Pointless (D)passing through (G)Harvard or (E)Yale
Only window (D)shopping, it's strictly no sale

(A)Weekend (D)starts Friday (G)soon after (E)eight
(A)Your jet black (D)magic helps you (G)cele(E)brate
(A)You may be (D)stranded if (G)you stick a(E)round
And that's (D)really something

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Gitaarakkoorden roxy music - Streetrlife

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