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[Bb].  .  .  .  |[Ebsus2].  .  .  .  |[Bb].  .  .  .  |[F].  .  [F7].  .  |[Bb].  .  .  .  |.  .  .  .  |

            Tonight my bag is packed
[Ebsus2]            Tomorrow I'll [Bb]walk these tracks
            That will [F]lead me a[F7]cross the [Bb]border

            Tomorrow my love and I
[Ebsus2]            Will sleep 'neath [Bb]auburn skies
            Some[F]where a[F7]cross the [Bb]border

            We'll leave be[Ebsus2]hind my dear
            The pain and sadness [dm/F]we found here
            And we'll [Bb]drink from the Bravo's muddy [Ebsus2]water

            Where the sky grows [Bb]gray and wide
[Ebsus2]            We'll meet on the [Bb]other side
            [F]There a[F7]cross the [Bb]border

            For you I'll build a house
[Ebsus2]            High up on a [Bb]grassy hill
            Some[F]where a[F7]cross the [Bb]border

            Where pain and memory
[Ebsus2]            Pain and memory [Bb]have been stilled
            [F]There a[F7]cross the [Bb]border

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